Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Lions anyway.
Mountain lion confirmed in rural Greene County
This story was in one of the almost local papers Saturday and created quite a stir with the folks at work.

I've heard rumors of this sort of thing from time to time for as long as I've been around these parts and never thought much about them one way or the other.

I see this as just one more damn animal that will be eating my chickens one of these days. Not much worried about it other than that.

(This is NOT the photo from the Indiana DNR. That photo is to damn big to put up here and I really don't know how to re-size it. Sorry, best I could do. Check out the photos at the link above and see the actual photos.)

There are wild Boar in the holler's around here too.

I'm not talking about feral hogs, but real honest to g-d boars. Just like the ones I saw in Germany.

The local story is that someone imported Russian Boars for a hunting club and they escaped or some shit. I'm not sure of the details as I've heard a couple variations of the story. Doesn't matter much as I have seen a couple of them up close and personal & they're not feral hogs.

Damn, I feel the urge to say "I'm Marty Stouffer and this is your Wild America"

I never saw Marty Catfishing before-


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