Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did You Hear the One About the Democrat Senator Who Conspired with the Soviets???????????????????

No? Not real surprising I suppose.
Well it's not like I haven't mentioned it before or anything.

Here's a nice little article from the American Spectator about Teddy Kennedy and his collaboration with the God Damned Commie Bastards in Russia.

If that fat Sonofabitch had a last name of Smith or Jones he'd have ended up in Leavenworth. But Hell No, he was a friggin' Kennedy and he rode a long ways on his dead brothers legacies.

I'm not a fan of either Bobby or Jack, but I have to give props to them for their choice in who to be unfaithful to their wives with.
Seriously, if you're gonna screw around on your wife? Go top shelf at least.

Some guys just didn't understand that, "Top Shelf" concept.

Yeah, Marilyn Monroe for JFK............

Bubba? What a letdown.
Still makes me laugh.

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