Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Garden is Coming Along.........

Spent the first half of the day putting the last 20 Asparagus roots out and mulching the shit out of the whole Asparagus patch.

The farmer just down the road sells straw and tosses all of the bales that are dirty, damaged or have a broken string on them. I needed some straw for chicken house bedding and bought a couple bales from him and, just like last year he gave me about 10 freebie ones & that's what I mulched in the Asparagus with.
(Click pics to embigginate then.)

Look at that happy little bugger. I've put out about 50 new plants this year and transplanted about 10 old ones into the new area.

That's approximately a 25'x30' area there.

We'll be swimming in the stuff in a few years.

Plan ahead with Asparagus as it takes a few years to get established before you can harvest it.

Here's some of last weeks mulched in stuff.

Peppers and Maters.

For the most part, things are looking pretty good out there at this point.

Oh, almost forgot. This will give you an idea of why I use so much mulch and also what happens when you DON'T keep ahead of the weeds.

That's what the entire Asparagus patch looked like last week and I had to hand weed all of that shit out of there.

There was no way I was gonna spend 2-3 days out there this week doing that again.
I nuked the entire new Strawberry patch with RoundUp earlier today.
Screw that. Ain't happening.
I'll till in the whole mess in a week or 2 and transplant some more in there and mulch the hell out of them like I did the Asparagus.
They'll still have all Summer to set runners and I can just pull the straw away and let them root themselves. It's a little disappointing to have to transplant that area over again, but it's also a hell of a lot less work and frustration, too.

I'm voting for less work and frustration. It's not like I don't have enough of that already.

Raspberries are starting to come on now.

These aren't the most prolific berries but they are just so darn good and they'll continue to bear till September and that makes up for it I guess.

We're gonna be flooded with Blackberries in another 3-4 weeks.

I'm probably gonna have to go back to the Straw Man and scrounge some more of that damaged straw next week. I'll have to have the wife make him a pie or something.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Evening-

Think they may want to extend that runway a bit, eh?


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