Monday, June 14, 2010

Like You and Me. Only Not So Much..........

Except most of us could expect an ass kicking for something like this.
From today's Gun Rights Examiner.

Watch this shit.

This is one of our Congressmen. You know, the group that makes laws, sets budgets and all of that shit......... For the whole friggin' country.

I'm pretty sure I would not have reacted like this Kid did. I'd have punched that old Bastard in the throat as soon as he grabbed a hold of me.
But that Kid did the right thing by not kicking his ass, no matter how much he needed it for behaving like that.

We all know who would have come out on the losing end of that.
"The Honorable Congressman, Bob Etheridge of North Carolina"?
Not likely.
That Kid would be in jail still.

I'd say that the congressman's peers should run his ass out of a job, but that ain't likely either.
Hopefully the Kid will press charges at least.

Just another example of why people have no faith in Washington and the shitheads who work there.

Addendum Here- Maybe the worst thing about this whole video are the comments at YouTube. Sickening.

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