Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gobar Gas.........

Interesting article from Michael Yon on- Gobar Gas. (link fixed now. Thanks Surly.)
No, I didn't know what the hell Gobar Gas was either till I started reading the article. You may know it by other names as I did from reading, Mother Earth News back before they became a glossy Fop of a magazine. Oh well, that's another topic and I digress.

Yon is an incredible journalist and an amazing guy. I should be linking him here as a reminder to read his dispatches. I have supported him with a bit of cash a time or 2 and ought to do that again also.

Anyway, go read the article and enjoy his fine photography too.

I got to thinking about this simple technology and applications here in the USA. If the Morons in Washington succeed in passing the "Cap and Trade" bill, energy costs are going to go through the roof. I was thinking of all the confinement and feedlot farms around here that would have a ready supply of fuel for a small Biomass unit and could convert all that shit into energy. There's a hell of a lot of things that could be powered by Methane. Vehicles, tractors, generators for making your own electricity..... you get the idea.

None of this is new idea on my part, as I said, I remember reading about this way back when. But if energy costs get to expensive we may see a resurgence in tech talk like this.

I don't see people here in the States adopting the type of units, Yon writes about in his article. At least not yet.

We Americans, for the most part aren't quite ready for the Humanure and Loveable Loo solutions quite yet either.

Joe Jenkins, the Humanure Guru is an interesting guy. Go check out his videos.

Who knows? As things change here in this country, attitudes and customary solutions are probably gonna have to change too.

Be a hell of a wake-up call for most of us.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Morning-


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