Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Monday..........

Don't think I accomplished a single thing other than the daily chores today.
Don't feel all that bad about it either. I feel pretty wore out from the weekend in the ER and that's what kept me down all day.

Damn, I'm getting old or something. We've had a few weeks now where there are just an unbelievable number of sick MoFos that decide they need to be in the ER at the same time.

Whew!! Wearing my old ass out. Don't know if it's this extremely hot weather we've been having all Summer or what, but it's been bad for everyone concerned.

Even the Wife has been having problems. Has a damn blood clot in her leg. Thankfully it's just a superficial one and not in one of the big vessels, but she's still off her feet an not able to process any of the things that are coming in from the garden now.

Oh well. It could be worse. I can always buy some Tomato sauce............ Well, I COULD buy a new wife too but that seems like a hell of a lot more trouble and work than I need right now. Best to stick with what ya know.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Night-
This is probably be my luck.

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