Friday, October 22, 2010

Surgery Update...........

So far so good. Things went pretty smooth with the procedure itself. The Doc was amazed that I've been walking around with shit that big in the bottom of my foot.
He said something along the lines of, "When I opened your foot up the damn thing winked at me."

Yep, try putting a sharp rock (3 actually) about the size of a marble in your shoe and walk on it all day. That's why that crap had to go.
He did a nerve block on the whole foot that has held up pretty well in keeping the pain down so far, but I can feel it wearing off a bit and expect to be needing those pain pills he prescribed before long.

Keeping things elevated and using this groovy cooling device they sent home with me all day.

I'm gonna drive the
wife nuts with having to have her fetch and carry everything for me. I'm already feeling sorry for her. You can't even carry a cup of coffee while hobbling around on crutches. I had forgotten these things.

let's just hope everything heals up quick and I can get back to being my normal annoying self.

All things considered, everything's good.

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