Saturday, November 20, 2010

File This Under "Things That Go, BOOM"!!!!!!

Western Rile Shooters brought this fascinating article to my attention today.

Inside the Apocalyptic Soviet Doomsday Machine

"Yarynich is talking about Russia's doomsday machine. That's right, an actual doomsday device—a real, functioning version of the ultimate weapon, always presumed to exist only as a fantasy of apocalypse-obsessed science fiction writers and paranoid über-hawks. The thing that historian Lewis Mumford called "the central symbol of this scientifically organized nightmare of mass extermination." Turns out Yarynich, a 30-year veteran of the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces and Soviet General Staff, helped build one."

I do not remember ever hearing about this system before. This is an extremely interesting article and I think y'all would like it.
Yeah, this kinda stuff geeks me out.

More on Senate Bill S 510 - I think this is important and so should you.

Government Moves on Food Supply


"Amazing, they refuse to seal the border between Mex/US but they're REALLY concerned with Joe Schmoe growing veggies on HIS property and saving seeds for next year's planting. Oh, and Dumbass Dingell proposed HR 2749, which gives the Feds the power to prohibit the movement of any and all foods into or out of a given area (Section 133b). All for the "global" market (wink-wink). Isn't Dingell a member of the Progressive Caucus?"

This explains part of it but only part. MONEY TALKS

I've called my Reps again the other day and got the usual response. Yes, Prick Lugar voted for cloture.

I don't think these asshole realize just what is gonna happen...........

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Night-


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