Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lumberjacking Continued Today.........

Went out and just about finished getting that huge Sycamore tree cut up today. Just a few limbs to trim and it's all done.

Every time I use this new chainsaw I'm more impressed with it. Hot damn, Skippy!

That's a big ass tree there. I paced it off at around 90 feet. About 40 inches there at the base.

Yes, I know this ain't shit to a real Lumberjack. But I ain't a Real Lumberjack.

These are REAL Lumberjacks with a genuine "Big Ass Tree-

And those dudes cut them down BY HAND! Can you imagine that shit?
Unf**king believable.

That be some BadAss Dudes There. Shit. I'd like to just SEE a tree that damn big. You have to admit, it'd only take one of those big bastards to supply firewood for a long time!

The Wife has run the numbers and so far the woodstove has cut our heating bill $300 compared to last year in Nov and Dec. This thing is gonna pay for it's self pretty damn quick at that rate.

And even though it's a lot like work, I enjoy the whole process of gathering wood so that's a plus.

No telling how long it'll be before the EnviroNazis try to stop home wood burning, but you know it's coming somewhere down the road. We'll deal with that as it comes I guess.
Screw that. I equate my chainsaws the same as my firearms. Molan Labe, Bitches.

I mentioned yesterday that there are 10-15 trees that need to be thinned out to allow some more sunshine on the Garden area?
Shit. After doing a count today, there are at least that many in the same size range as that big one in the picture above and 3 times that in the 10-12" diameter size that need to go.

Now, I've always had a strict, "Cut 1, Plant 2" rule here, but damn, that could get real expensive before this is all done. Doesn't matter, we'll stick with that plan and drive on. They may not be the same types of trees, as I've been planting Fruit and Nut trees instead of replacing the Maples, Sycamores, Gum, Wild Cherry, Oak or Poplars that have been chopped down, but the 2-1 ratio has been consistent. Hell, if you count the ones I planted that didn't grow it's an easy 4-1 at this point. I'm curious to see how many of the trees I planted last year come back this Spring after the drought we had last Year. I'm fairly confident that most of the 15 or so I planted didn't make it. Just couldn't get them watered consistently. Good thing I got them cheap.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Night-
Remember. Cut By Hand. Saw and Axe.


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