Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ice Ice, Baby..................

A sheet of ice all over everything this morning.
Slippery as hell out there, but I can't complain. Looks like just North of here has an inch or 2 of ice and that's gotta be bad.

Ice makes tree limbs break & that knocks out power for folks. Not good.
The big wind that blew through here a couple of years ago (remnant of hurricane WTF) took care of a lot of the weak trees around here and the power company spent a lot of money having crews go out and clear things up along a whole lot of lines. So we're probably in as good a shape as you could ask for around here.

I fired up the generator yesterday and made sure I got some more fuel if we needed it. So far so good and we'll be fine no matter. Can I get another round of applause for Mr Woodstove?? Thank you.

Like the Boy Scouts say - "Be Prepared". Living out where we do, we aren't real high on the priority list of things to get fixed if the power goes out all over and ya just have to have the means to be able to hunker down and rough it a bit for as long as necessary. Fact of life when you live in the country.

But it still amazes me that most folks don't plan for this sort of thing at all even though it happens fairly regular out here.
You figure it out, I can't.

I don't have to go anywhere so that'll be one less Doofus out on the slippery ass roads.

We have 2 refugees from up North here now. My Niece and 1 of her college classmates came in late last night after the college closed everything up. Took 'em 6 hours to make a 2 hour drive.

Yep, it's Nasty North of here. So far we've dodged it and that's just fine w/ me.
You all stay safe out there.

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