Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dead Skunks, Honeysuckle and a Big Bright Moon............
The dominant themes for the ride home from the ER tonight.
An absolutely beautiful night for a ride on TheBigBluePlasticMotorcycle.

Surprising number of skunks out there getting whacked by cars on the roads lately. Not sure what that's about, but they definitely have a fragrance all their own.
And the Honeysuckle? It's damn near over powering at times. That's not a bad thing as it's one of my favorite Summertime smells.
The Moon is almost full and made for a bright, wonderful ride home.

It's the little things like this that make living in the country worthwhile.
No matter what other goofy, bad shit may be going on or what kind of day you've had, a night ride like tonight makes you thankful for the little things.

Got the windows all opened up here at the compound and I'll sleep well tonight.

So we've got dead skunks...

And Honeysuckle Roses......

That's Django Reinhardt playing guitar for you youngun's.
Listen to that guitar work and then think of this - He only had TWO fingers on his left hand that were fully functional.
Yeah, total badass he was.
Read that Wiki link on him. Amazing fella Django.

Oh hell. Since we seem to be featuring fabulous musicians on this song, may as well include the fella who wrote it, Fats Waller -

Yep. That dude could play.

I could listen to Django and Fats for hours. If you're not familiar with them, just keep going on the YouTube there.

Gratuitous Picture for a Late Sunday Night-


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