Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise..........

Just got home from the ER. I swear, even after all the years I've been doing this people still continue to amaze me with their stupidity.
I'm fairly well convinced that 90% of the population should not be allowed out of the house without a leash and a keeper!

Drunk and stupid. Overdosed on drugs. "Hey Y'all, watch this!" injuries. And one poor bastard who found out he's got a brain tumor tonight. Yeah, I felt sorry for him. He was the only one of the bunch who had a job and a life.

We've got a saying in the ER - "Dumb Asses live forever and nice guys die of cancer" and damn if it ain't the truth.

I'm finding it harder all the time to not wish the some, Stephen King type virus that only targeted DumbShits would make an appearance and clean up the gene pool some.

Wishful thinking on my part.
Oh well. As long as the .gov keeps supporting this herd of worthless eaters I don't have to worry about having a job.

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