Friday, June 03, 2011

Night Shifting Again...........
Worked the night shift last night. It's been awhile and I'd forgotten my, love/hate relationship with working nights.

I love the autonomy and the camaraderie. I hate the way it screws up the rest of your life and sleep cycle.

The way things are going though, it's likely that I'll be working more of them and I'll just have to learn how to adjust again. Could be worse. I worked nights for a lot of years and it hasn't killed me........Yet.

Gonna head South to the Big City tonight with KidK and see this guy play-

Don't know if he's playing solo or will have a band with him. Doesn't matter, should be a good time.

Tons of projects and things going on here. Some of the garden is in and some of it is still to wet to mess with. May or may not get get some beans in there if it continues to stay dry.

Been moving and stacking firewood, cleaning up shit around the place so it doesn't look like a hillbilly hovel, etc. Got a list a mile long of things that need done, fixed, purchased and whatnot.
No money to do most of it right now, but we'll do what we can do and get at it as we can.

As we used to say in the Army - "It's good to have a mission."

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Afternoon-


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