Monday, October 03, 2011

Seriously. I'm Getting Tired of This Shit...........

I still have this cough and cold thing hanging on here and it is wearing me the hell out. No really. Wearing me out.
The Nightshifts of this last weekend didn't seem to help any either.

Speaking of work, things are screwed up worse than ever there. I really didn't think the, Wise and Wonderful who run that place could wreck the morale anymore.
Boy was I wrong.

Can't talk about it here of course. Everyone is just keeping their heads down and checking frequently to make sure no Bulls-eye finds it's way onto their back.

Pretty creepy. Job search is getting amped up some in response. My Spider Sense has been tingling a lot lately. Time to do something about it I guess.

Of course there are personal/family issues going on right now that are weirding me the hell out and distracting me too.

Yay for Drama!!!

At least the weather is nice today so I hope I can muster enough energy to clean up the garden.

Lot's of clean up required.
The weather forecast looks good for the entire week, so that's a plus.

Need to get some range time in this week on the rifles. Spoke with the Dogboy about that last night and it looks like that may be on the agenda.

Good. I need a bit of trigger time.

Seriously need to improve my mood here.

Sorry about the lack of action here, but my ass has been dragging and all the drama has put the ViceGrips on my mental hygiene.
Yeah, all this will pass. Just in an extra Grumpy mood this morning.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-


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