Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Morning Motorcycle Stuff..............

Was wanting to go riding today with MrT and PrezClinton but it's both cold and raining outside. So that's not happening.

So here's a few Bike pics and links to check out today.

That is just a beautiful setup there.

I've always wanted a sidecar rig.
One like this Beemer setup here would be just perfect, thank you.

These pics came from a nice gallery of Sidecar Pics at Dark Roasted Blend. Where I also found a few other cool Motorcycle Picture Galleries.

Which included this lovely, Megola. Not sure I've ever seen one of these before.

Another gallery there included This Unique Design

All in all a nice collection of cool motorcycle stuff for a Wednesday Morning.
Again, all pics from Dark Roasted Blend which I can see is one hell of a good place to waste time. Like I needed another place to send my spare time to die.

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