Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Range Time w/ the PSL...........

DogBoy and I went to the range the other day. Met up with friend, MiniD and put some rounds through the PSL.

I love this thing.

I put up a silhouette target at 200 yards and we had at it.

I sure as hell ain't Carlos Hathcock is all I can say.
Got 90% of everything in the black, but "Grouping" was an almost laughable concept.

Guess this means I should get out there more, eh? It's been quite some time since I shot the damn thing.

DogBoy did better than I did.
No surprise there. The kid's a Friggin' Ninja.

Gonna need to start restocking the ammo locker too. Damn shame my dollars don't go as far as they did a few years ago.

Got a couple of firearms projects that need to get fixed, finished, etc. Since the DaughterUnit moved her shit out of here a few weeks ago, revamping the ManRoom needs to get back on track too.

Never stops. If I live to be a 100 I'll never get all the current projects finished.
Oh well, It's good to have a mission!

In Other News -

Got some garden work done today. Gonna go see the guy with the horses about some horseshit for the garden beds in a few.
Hopefully, my buddy will get that Tiller up to speed soon.

A Happy Ending Story Here- Pedophile Disemboweled in UK Prison

"On Saturday morning, having made makeshift weapons out of toothbrushes and razors, two inmates at Frankland prison confronted Harrison in his cell, slit open his stomach, and to ensure he was dead pulled out some of his internal organs onto the floor, essentially disemboweling him.

The two men (as yet unnamed) aged 23 and 32 then cleaned themselves up, went to eat breakfast, then turned themselves into officers for the crime, which at that point had gone undetected."

From the:
"How The Fuck Do You Find Your Way Home at Night Files"
comes this - Family Lost In Corn Maze Calls 911 For Help
K-9 officer Justin Ellenton said when he got to the entrance of the maze, he yelled and could hear people. The family was about 25 feet inside the maze. The family was not hurt."

Maybe it's cruel of me to laugh about this............ Nah, screw it. Dumb Bastards.

Gratuitous Picture of My New Favorite Tee Shirt -

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