Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Leaf Cleanup and Gathering Time............

It's that time again. Time to gather up all of those leaves and get them piled up for mulch in the garden next year.
Like this-

Yes I've mentioned the value of saving leaves before.
They are a great garden resource and except for the time it takes to gather them up, they're free.
Great soil amendment as they break down, conserves water and suppresses weeds.

What's not to like?

I started yesterday and spent an hour or so getting the leaves in my backyard into windrows so I can rake them onto a tarp and drag them over to the garden area today.

I've got a new weed suppression system going in the main garden in between the raised beds. Wall to wall carpeting.
Yeah, I got so mad with the way things got out of hand this year I had to do something to keep the weeds down around the beds.
Their are 2 carpeting stores that gave me permission to snatch up the pieces of old carpeting they are trashing. Since they are both on the way to town it makes it convenient to stop and check it out.

I've got a good start so far & I think this is gonna work, too.

No reason I can think of why it won't work well on smothering weeds, etc. Easier than trimming and don't have to use RoundUp or some other spray shit.

We'll see.

Yeah, I was really hoping to find a shitload of 1970's Lime Green Shag carpet, but it just hasn't worked out.

That would have looked awesome on the Google Earth Photos though.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Afternoon-


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