Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cool and Uncool Science Stuff............

First the cool -
Russian scientists regenerate ice age plant
"Experiment used fruit and seeds from a Siberian squirrel burrow that had been stuck in the permafrost for over 30,000 years

It was an ice age squirrel's treasure chamber, a burrow containing fruit and seeds that had been stuck in the Siberian permafrost for over 30,000 years. From the fruit tissues, a team of Russian scientists managed to resurrect an entire plant in a pioneering experiment that paves the way for the revival of other species."

This kind of thing amazes me every time I hear about it. Maybe it's the gardener in me.

The Uncool News-
It seems a "Global Warming Scientist" fraudulently obtained documents for the Heartland Institute (which I know almost nothing) and added a FAKE document into the mix and released the whole mess.
I just heard about this last night and didn't get time to follow up with it as I was shitting my guts out from the bowel prep for today's "Up the PoopChute Scope" that will take place in about an hour from now.

Here's a couple links for you to follow and get the story, which you can be sure will be ignored or twisted around by Big Media.

Statement by The Heartland Institute on Gleick Confession

Breaking News: Gleick Confesses

Heartland Institute Responds to Stolen and Fake Documents

I'm way behind the curve on this one it seems, but you can figure out WTF is going on from the above.

If anyone finds a good timeline synopsis of this whole story leave a link in the comments. Thanks.

Gotta run and get a tube stuffed up my behind.
Hey, a lot of folks have to go to prison to get that! I get to come home later.
Exciting times, indeed.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-


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