Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Good Afternoon Campers...........
Spent the entire day at a work related event. Other than being confined to a chair which made my back hurt something awful, it wasn't a bad deal. Usually, these types of events are real groaners that require massive amounts of self discipline not to smirk, snarl, yawn or show other obvious signs of contempt for the entire agenda.

I actually learned a whole lot of things that can improve my work life and probably reduce stress related to that.
So that's a win.
I can be a hard headed SOB at times, but I'm not a complete asshole and I'm smart enough to recognize it's a win/win situation when I can do things that will make my life easier and make the big bosses happy at the same time.

Healthcare has been a Crazy Train of change over the last few years and it's been tough trying to figure out just what the hell is going on at times and even tougher trying to figure out where it's going. That's not really changed any and is likely to get worse. The good news today was I was presented with some strategies that will at least make it easier for me to adapt.
There are financial incentives also. And that's a good thing and a sure motivator for most folks.

I was lucky that they seated me at a table in the back of the room as I spent a lot of time standing up to ease my aching back.
Saw the new Chirocracker/TheraPissed yesterday and the xrays indicated that yes, things ain't great, but they ain't as bad as they could be.
They worked me over pretty hard and I've basically felt like shit since. I go back tomorrow afternoon for another appointment and I will have to ask him about that.

Expect things to be a bit spotty around here for awhile till I get my shit together some. I hope you understand that I just haven't been able to focus to well.

Gardening season is coming on fast and I really need to get myself fixed. Seed starting will commence in a couple of weeks and my plan is to have a bit more garden stuff for several folks who have been asking about that.

If you've been around here for awhile, ya know how much I like the garden thing and I believe it's something that will become more important to more people as time goes on. Food costs are rising way more than most things (other than fuel) and don't appear like they're gonna go down anytime soon. You can grow a hell of a lot of veggies in small spaces and containers. So even if you don't have the time or desire to put out a big garden and can, freeze or dehydrate all of what you don't eat fresh, you should begin growing something in the spaces you do have.

Gardening is like most any other skill and it takes time to learn. Which makes me think about all of the Prepper folks out there who buy a #10 can of Survival Seeds and toss it in the closet and feel that they are all ready to go if TSHTF.
Just ain't like that.
That's something I should make a separate post about and will in the future.

I should quit now as the pain pill I took is beginning to make me ramble and even on a good day my thoughts have a tendency to stray from the topic at hand.
Re-reading what I wrote so far, I should have quit a ways back. I'm already rambling.
Good enough then.

I'll let EC show ya what real rambling is all about.
Probably my favorite version of this song-

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Evening-
It won't be long.


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