Friday, August 19, 2005

Fun Ride Today!! Mortality thoughts, Safety and Good Books for Bike Riders! "Use the Force, Luke".

Rode Indiana Highway 135 today on my shake down run. WooHoo! It's been about 2 weeks since I did any decent riding and I was Jonesin' bad. It rained hard last night so I took it easy on the way up. Lots of shit gets washed onto that road when it rains. Sure enough, there were a couple of spots that wouldda' been bad if one blew into them too fast.

I'm still relearning how to ride. I had a 17 year break from everyday riding and sometimes I get frustrated because it seems I forget to pack my Gonads w/ me when I go out for a ride. Yes, I know this is a good thing and represents a strong survival instinct on my part. But it frustrates me that my skill level has eroded so much. Granted, it's probably best that I don't ride like I used to. But Shit. I get weenie-itis going into corners that I know I could take a whole bunch quicker if I just relaxed and let the bike do it's thing. Relaxed is the thing. I took a break in beautiful Story, IN and had a bottle of water. On the return trip, I did relax some and had much more fun and my style points alone had to go up considerably. I have done a good job over the last year of getting my skill level back but I have a long way to go.

I'm really a safer rider than I ever was. I am SOOOOOOOOO much more in touch w/ my Situational Awareness than I ever was before. I have been able to avoid situations that would have been a problem before just by having my head out of my arse and basically, paying attention. This is a good thing for sure.

Speaking of that -

EVERY RIDER SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!! - Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough.

Another Reccommened read in the same mode - Ride hard, Ride smart. Ultimate street Stratagies for Advanced Motorcyclists by Pat Hahn

This one, as the title says, is for those w/ a basic knowledge and skill already. Hahns' book is a little more lively written. Houghs' is majorly in depth. I learned a bunch from both and have reread them twice. I'll read them again I'm sure, as my Ninja/Jedi skills are weak.

"Take the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper". - Sholan Master.
"Not Try, Do!" - Yoda

"OH SHIT!!" - Me

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