Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Dog has gone Gay.....

We've got 3 Dogs. 2 Boxers and a little Bastard Hound of some kind. The big male Boxer has decided, sometime over the last few days that he's gay and in love w/ the big Mastiff accross the road.

Is this a problem? Not in an openness and tolerance or accecptance kinda way. It's a damn problem because I have to go drag, and I mean drag, his ass home everytime the dumb bastard goes outside. Let 'em out in the morning to go do the doggie thing and .... gone. He makes a beeline accross the rode and backs his ass up to that other dog.

Maybe we shouldn't have taken Bob Barkers advice about "neutering your pets".

I don't know, is some sort of "intervention" required for a situation like this, or is he just a whore dog w/ issues and I should get used to it?

"Dr. Phil, We need your help!"


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