Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 5, Saturday 10-8-05 .........

The annual Family Hoedown!!!!

Always big fun. This is a big deal that I seem to miss most years. I always regret it too. Not this year! The youngin' above is Dogboy. That's his Granny with him. Yes, he plays drums pretty well. The nice thing about this get together is, even if he played like crap, nobody would care. Everyone is welcome to get up and sing, play an instrument or have fun. There are some super talented people there. Not including myself here. But like I said, nobody makes fun of you. It rained most of the day anyway. I'd much rather spend the day eating, making music and visiting w/ friends than driving for the sake of driving. This was one of only 2 major "Had to do's" for the entire trip.

Spent the day having a great time w/ family and friends. Dogboy brought my replacement windshield down w/ him and I got that put on. Whew!!!! The thought of another week w/o that shield was not looking good to me. Yep, I'm a pussy. Rode about 30 miles total today. Not complaining, I needed a day off. Like I said, I'm a pussy.

Dogboy & I shared my room and split the next morning. He headed North for home............ I headed Southeast in search of Dragons!


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