Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Learned Something Interesting Yesterday.......

I loaded up the BSA and took it to "Rodger the Brit Guy" yesterday. Stopped for gas on the way to fill up the "Redneck Valdez". That's my nasty ass old red truck, the mobile oil spill.

While filling up, I had 2 different guys come up and tell me about people who "Got an old Triumph in the barn". Yes, I took notes. I probably should have went in an bought a Lotto ticket right then, because that's about the only way I'd be able to afford even 1 more bike project.

But I was really surprised that TWO different people would stop me at one gas stop. Of course, I immediately figured out that if I periodically loaded up the BSA and just drove around and bought $2.00 of gas at all the gas stations in a 50 mile radius I'd get leads on HUNDREDS of bikes!

Great. I don't need these kinds of thoughts.

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