Friday, January 13, 2006

I Have Become a Snot Rocket .......

I knew this was gonna happen.
I have been infected with an upper respiratory viral infection. My sinus cavities are bubbling springs of snot. I have a fever as my body works to produce more snot. My world revolves around mucus this morning.

How did I know this was gonna happen? Because some White Trash Trailer Park Zombie coughed directly into my face last Sunday night at work. I felt that aerosol mix of Zombie snot and Viral particles go all in my eyes and face. Even though I immediately stopped what I was doing and washed my face, I knew I was screwed.

I had the presence of mind to say "Thanks a lot for sharing that, Pal". The Zombie wife mumbled something about 'He can't help it". Ever mindful of maintaning my positive customer service attitude, I told her "He could of turned his G** Damn head". I'm sure I'll get a NastyGram about that.

My highly tuned ER Nurse Immune System is valliantly trying to ward off Viral replication as I type this.

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