Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It Seems That My Comments Section Was NFG ........
Surly (See - The Kid - on the links bar) emailed me this morning and asked if my comments for this thing were turned off or some shit. Of course, I was like WTF? So I went digging around in the settings Department and sure enough, I had the comments set for some kind of "Moderated" BS.

Now there are random comments scattered around in the archives back till last November or there 'bouts.

I was wondering why I never got any comments anymore and just assumed it's because I'm an Asshole and y'all were just to nice to say so.

I've got 'em fixed now - I think. So, if any of you feel the need to just be yourself and call me an Asshole, I think it'll post your comment now.

Oh, Hell. Somebody give me a shout out so I can see if this shit is working.

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