Friday, March 10, 2006

Since We're On The Subject of AFDB's ........

As I noted in the previous post below, an "Aluminum Foil Deflector Beenie" or AFDB, is crucial to some folks well being. Maybe Yours. But for sure, the guy who owns this car needs one.

I was helping the oldest Son, Therapy Boy, move last week and this was parked along the street near his new place. Wow! You can't believe the shit that's glued on that car.

And a little close up action .... Just to give you a better idea of the artistry on this thing.

I asked him if it had been parked there when he came to look at the apartment originally. Of course, I already knew what the answer was gonna be, he said yes.

It's to bad you can't see the "Millennium Falcon" on the hood in these pictures.
Yes, I do admire the creativity that went into this thing.

And yes, I told him to be real polite to the owner when he sees him.

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