Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hope You All Have a Happy Easter ...

Unk is getting ready to go to work. Gotta go save lives and make sure the Zombies get their Holiday narcotic buzz. It'll be a friggin' zoo in there again today. Holidays are like that.

Yesterday was incredible. These Zombies continue to reinforce my belief that Darwin was right about some parts of his theory. Today will be more of the same. Only people will be more rude than usual. If that's possible.

The weather looks like we're gonna have some big storms. That's good. It'll keep down the number of injuries and lacerations - maybe. The bad news about that is the Choppers won't be flying if they're needed. We used 'em yesterday.

Wear your helmet and gear! I know of at least one Dumbass that's got a Halo screwed into his skull this morning.


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