Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The New Work Schedule .....

Really makes it hard for me to post anything. I'm gonna have to figure out a time management answer or just quit. Frankly, either option is acceptable to me. I'm gonna continue to jerk off here for now and we'll just see what happens.

The Bike?. A Suzuki X-6 Hustler. I had one of these little gems. It was one of the first real Bikes I owned. And the most fun of any I've had. I loved that thing. Mine had a shitty aftermarket paint job on it, but was the same bike, high pipes and all. I thrashed the shit out of it and sold it with the motor in pieces. I beat the shit out of it for close to 30,000 miles though. All day everyday redline. Crappy maintenance and all, it held up a lot longer than it should have.

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