Friday, April 14, 2006

You Gotta Love Democrats ....

"Democrats Plan Race-Based Campaign Against Black Candidate in Maryland"

I had a recent complaint in the comments about my abnormally sunny disposition as of late. Yep, I have been focusing on the positives more. If I concentrate on how despicable the disloyal, America Hating, Commie RatBastard, Race Based Poverty Pimps that comprise the leadership and brain trust in the Democratic party are ....... It depresses me.

And if you had read the article on what happens to your brain when you get all stressed and depressed I posted about yesterday ( ), You'd know that I don't want to lose any more brain cells.

If you really do know me - You'd know I have always been entirely capable of destroying brain cells without any help from Democrats anyway.

Anyway ........ Back to the main focus here.

Democrats plan a race-based campaign against a candidate who aims to be Maryland's first black man elected to the U. S. Senate, according to a confidential Democratic Party campaign document obtained by The New York Sun.
The target of the emerging smear campaign is Michael Steele, the Republican nominee for a seat vacated by Paul Sarbanes, a liberal Democrat who has represented Maryland in the Senate for 30 years.

I do not understand why the Democrats continue to be supported by minority folks. Nobody gets treated worse by liberals than a minority that jumps ship and strays from the party line. Jebus H. on a crutch! They've been throwing Oreo Cookies at this guy!

Mr. Steele has long been a focus of Democratic fire. In previous campaigns, Mr. Steele has been pelted with Oreo cookies for allegedly betraying his race. Two Democratic campaign staffers resigned last year when they illicitly obtained copies of Mr. Steele's financial records.

Look at how they have treated Condi Rice and Colin Powell. Oh yeah, They work for Darth George. Sorry, I forgot that trumps everything.

Hozabout Bill Cosby? Heard anything from him lately? Not since he started speaking "Truth to Power" about personal responsibility. Truth to Power - Damn, that's a funnyass phrase. Sounds so sixtyish and powerful, but it's really meaningless.

I love the way liberals are just crazy in love with Alberto Gonzalez too. Another minority figure to reach higher than any Hispanic ever has before in government that liberals hate. Ooops. He was appointed by Darth George too. I'm seeing a pattern here but I will have the good graces to not mention that a republican appointed all these minorities to unprecedented positions.

But hey! They DO love some Hispanics. Felons. Yes, illegal alien means I-L-L-E-G-A-L. As in, against the law.

And don't forget the whole "Culture of Corruption" Bullshit. That one really makes me laugh. Gateway Pundit put up a short list of some of the more recent corruption things nobody ever hears about.

Oh Hell. This could go on for days and I'd never even make a dent in how many ways the Friggin' Dems are bad for America and the world.

When Iran gets their Nuke and uses it, I wonder who the first Democrat will be to blame Bush for not stopping them?

OK, I'm tired of this. I can feel my brain shrinking already. This was mostly to keep Surlys Mom on her toes and let her know I still have an intense dislike for these vermin. So blame her for this rambling mess.

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