Friday, June 23, 2006

Busy Week ......
Spent the bulk of the week over at Mom's place. So much work to do, but Queen Buffness and I made a major dent in the projects that we had in mind for this week. That's a plus.

On the downside, the simple little part for the Big Blue Plastic Kawasaki, failed to show up. Damn! That means I won't be able to get to it till at least next Wednesday. More Damn!!

Oh well. When I called the dealer to see if it was in, it went like this:

ME- Is my part in?
Him- Which part was that?
ME- The circlip for the front of the Concours I ordered last Wednesday.
ME- Part #92033-1041
Him -
Me- So it's not here yet?
Him - Uh ............ It didn't come in today.
Me- You forgot to order it didn't you.
Him- No, I don't think so......

At this point I just resigned myself to another week of waiting. No sense getting all bent out of shape. He's an idiot and I just have to accept that. There are other part sources, but they take forever too. I'm gonna have to look into a new source in the future. Even if it means driving a little bit.

Oh well. I got a lot done in one area, but little done in many others. I'll be glad when we get all of Mom's shit squared away. I have enough trouble keeping up with the projects at my house.

"I see many things on the horizon"

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