Friday, June 16, 2006

One Small Clip Keeps the Kawasaki tied up........

Yep, Tied right the hell up to the joists.

My back has almost returned to the "as good as it ever gets" place, so I got going on the Big Blue Plastic Bike, yesterday.

Taking both wheels off at the same time to get the tires swapped, was an accident waiting to happen. You can see from the picture how a Genuine Hillbilly solves the stability problem.

Damn good thing I did too. I took the rear wheel off first and then got after the front. Whoa! Even with the jack under the front, centerstand down and the rear blocked solid, I was able to damn near tip her over while leaning into the bolts to loosen the front wheel.
Those dumbass looking straps kept her from ending up on her side.

Whew!! Luckily, Dogboy and I kept her from testing the structural integrity of the joists before anything bad happened. Raised the overall Pucker Factor exponentially for a minute there though.

Got the tires swapped and new bearings installed, front and rear. Unfortunately, a little $5 Circlip on the front broke. Shit!!!

Of course, that means a week waiting for it to get here. So there it sits for now.

I suppose I could compose a decent rant about why Kawasaki would sell this model bike, basically unchanged, FOR 20 FUCKIN' YEARS, BUT NOT A GOTT DAM DEALER KEEPS ANY FUCKIN' PARTS IN STOCK FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that would be a lot more work than I'm up for, right now.

Damn. Between all of the bad weather, bad back, the brakes and now this shit, I've been missing a shitload of riding. Not to mention spending a fortune on gas driving the old "Redneck Valdez" Truck around.

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