Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's Been Over a Week ..........
Since I last posted anything here.

I've been as busy as a one legged man at an ass kickin' party. But none of this shit has been all that interesting to post anything about. So I haven't. Just not able to put anything together.

I figure Everyone has heard about the New York Times latest act of treason against You, Me and Our Kids. You either care or you don't about that shit I guess. And it doesn't seem like anyone is gonna get up the nerve and hang a few of those shitbags. So what's a guy like me gonna say about that?

That's the kinda mood I've been in.

But!! Not everything has been ho Hum and mundane.
Check this bad boy out.

Yeah, Ain't that a sweet piece of machinery? My Fathers Lawn Mower Gene has been hyperactive this year around here. You have no idea of the troubles I've been having with the TWO mowers this little gem is gonna replace.

The one I bought is a bit different than what's pictured, but it's close enough to give ya an idea of what I'm talking about.

I need some cool stickers and flames on it. This is gonna make things waaaaaaaaay easier for me to keep up with things here on the farm.

More Bad Shit....

Started my day at the ER this morning and the first thing we saw? A 2 month old baby in full cardiac arrest. Kids that age never have good outcomes, even if you get them back. Which is very rare. I suspect that this Kid was very dead when the parents found it. We did everything you can do and got totally nowhere.

Not a good way to start a shift. Ever.

One thing about ER work - You never forget a kid that dies on you. Doesn't matter why, how or if you could have done anything better, you just don't forget. This is another one to add to the bad dream gallery.

That shit was bad enough. But it got worse. Three hours latter, a good friend of mine walks into the ER and tells me his 20 year old daughter has been killed in a car wreak. I've worked with this guy at two different hospitals over the years and know all his family well. EMS transported her to our hospital and I just took charge of managing everything for the family and my friend.

Sometimes I wish I had taken the Plumbing apprenticeship I was offered as a kid.

Most of us never realize how we all dance on the edge of a precipice daily and don't even know it. How a matter of seconds makes the difference between life and death. I often wonder how many times in a week we avoid a catastrophe only because the timing just wasn't right.

I'm gonna go to bed now and try to sleep, so I can get up and go do it again tomorrow. I've had enough bad dreams lately and frankly, I don't look forward to seeing this new edition.

But it's what we do. So I'll go back tomorrow and hope for the best.

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