Monday, July 31, 2006

Mid-Ohio Weekend .........

Bottom Line ............ Major Good Time.
Woke up really, really early Friday morning. I wanted to get an early start, because I fully expected the weather to be bad. As usual, I was correct. It started raining within 3 miles of leaving the house and didn't stop for about 150 miles. Just absolutely poured. I drove thru Cincinnati during rush hour in the middle of a downpour. That was fun. Not something I want to do everyday.

Lessons learned? I need a better helmet and a better rainsuit. I bought a good rainsuit at Mid-Ohio, so I've got half of that fixed. The Concours was solid as a rock thru it all. I don't know why that should surprise me. It's ALWAYS stable and solid. I do love that Bike.

Cleared off some for the 2nd half of the trip. I took the Superslab all the way and after the rainstorms, it was pretty uneventful.

I met some Fella from N. Carolina who was riding a Suzuki scooter to the event. Gotta love that.

I forgot to zipup the ziplock bag with the cellphone in it. OOPS! Lost my connectivity for the weekend. I relayed thru the Wife and got hooked up w/ my brother, Chief, w/o any problems.

Major Goal for Friday was this -

Click to enlarge.
Yep, that's the man, Agostini, signing Chief's Book and looking thru the pics. He was pointing out folks in the picture that was taken at Daytona in 1971 (? if I remember right) that Chief asked him to sign. (Click the pictures to enlarge them).
That was definitely the highlight of the day.

Saturday, Dick Mann was signing autographs so -
Click to enlarge.
What a gentleman. He would stop and smile everytime he saw a camera pointed at him. The AMA Museum opened a special exhibit, SuperMann, Saturday evening.

See the bike in the background above?
Click to enlarge. A 1974 MV America. I included this pic for my buddy, Dr J. His all time favorite bike.

Chief and I were walking thru the pits, checking out the bikes when we just happened to come across Agostini getting ready for his lap of honor. He and the crew were tweaking an MV triple and he started it up. WHOA! Maybe the loudest motorcycle I've ever heard. Not loud like an HD w/ straight pipes. Piercing loud.
Click to enlarge.
If I'd have known how to record video on my camera,
I'd have gotten some sound for you. And me.

Click to enlarge.
Adjusting the controls.
Click to enlarge.
Still looks like he belongs on it.
Enough for now.
I'll post some pics of Gary Nixon later. Damn, he went fast in the Thruxton Cup race.

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