Sunday, July 16, 2006

Met an Intersting Old Guy in the ER ...........

Yesterday. Old fella, about 75 years old. He came in for care of a problem and as I was triaging him and asking him about his medical history he mentioned "a bunch of broken stuff from motorcycle wrecks".

That, of course, got us going on about bikes. Seems he was a flat track racer way back when.

But even better. He's got his old bike in his garage here in town. If I heard him right, it's a 650 BSA motor in a Triumph 250 frame. He invited me to come by and check it out and bring Dogboy along.

Which I plan to do as soon as I can. I'll get the story and some pics. Maybe a bit more background and what not. Very interesting guy.

A nice change from the usual Zombies we see in the ER.

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