Sunday, July 30, 2006

Motorcycle Overdose at Mid-Ohio ............

This is one of the few times you'll ever hear me say - "I'm glad I didn't have a shit load of money on me". But it's true today at least. Good Lord, I could of, would of or maybe should of, bought all sorts of cool shit there. What a variety. In type of machinery, price, condition. Most anything a guy could want.

Everywhere you look around the place, there's a cool bike. Either being ridden, parked, on display or for sale.

And then there's the Pits. Oh Baby. Tons of beautiful bikes.
Like the one below - Just sitting there in the Team Obsolete area.

Yeah, Almost to much.

I'm in the unwind zone right now. I took secondary roads all the way home and it added a lot of time (but not miles) to my ride today. Hot, hot, hot. Wore my old ass out. I'll do a ride report tomorrow for ya'll.

But just to give ya an idea ............. Saw Agostini, Dick Mann and Gary Nixon.


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