Friday, July 21, 2006

Interesting New Site for Beginners on Bikes ..........

I got an email the other day from Matt at requesting a link from here to his new site. So I moseyed over to check it out and it's got quite a bit of good info. The only thing I had (Past tense) a problem with was while I was there, there was a blog entry about riding helmetless and a picture next to it of three bikers drinking longnecks. Ugh, wrong message.

I emailed Matt back and pointed out this inconsistency to him and explained the problem with the message that would be giving new riders. Matt seems to be a pretty squared away guy, as he took my advice in the spirit it was intended and got right back to me telling me he'd replaced the picture already. If I'm not mistaken, he did it about 3-4 hours from when I sent him my email.

I'm not telling you the email part of this, to show you that YerUnk is a socially responsible, NetNanny. But to show how Matt's the responsible kind of guy we need in places that are geared to new bikers. He was all over it as soon as a problem was pointed out to him.

That's impressive. And rare. So, yeah, he'll get a kink on the sidebar.

As soon as I get off my ass and update that stuff.

Hell, a mega, high traffic blog like this one should generate at least 3 or 4 visits to his place. In the next decade.

Good Luck, Matt and keep after it.

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