Friday, July 07, 2006

Mini Road Trip Report.....

Took off Wednesday afternoon with Dr. J and rode a couple of hundred miles North to South Bend. Yeah, I know, rode North to South Bend. It sounds funny, but it's accurate none the less.

Robin Trower, one of my all time favorite Guitar Players was performing in a small club up that way. It was waaaaay back in the late 70's or early 80's since I'd last seen him live and a little thing like a 200+ mile ride only made it better.

This makes the 4th time I've seen him play and although He's 61 years old, He played better than ever. This was the best I've seen him play. Ever.

The Club was a pretty nice place. Nice stage, small and they had seating for most everyone. I'd paid a few bucks extra to get VIP seating when I'd ordered the tickets, but it wouldn't have been a problem as the seating was all good.

But, as you can see from the picture there, we got up close. He's a truly amazing guitar player and you could tell he was enjoying himself throughout the show.

Watching him play and seeing the effort he puts into it was pretty cool. He's gotten a bad rap over the years as a "Hendrix Wannbe" that really isn't fair. Yes, the influence is noticeable, but he is a unique player and plays his own style of music. I'm really not able to describe just how great this show was. The band was tight. Three piece as always and they were all together all the time. The Bass and Drums were perfect, nailing down the rhythm and counterpoint to his lead. the vocalist,Davey Pattison did a great job. If you're a Trower fan, you know that the original singer and Bassist, Trevor Dewar, died a few years ago from cancer. Pattison Does a great job on both the old songs and the newer material.

I see, looking at the Trower web site, that they've extended the tour and added a whole shitload of dates and cities. Tour info If he's playing anywhere near you and you'd like a night of great music, I'd highly recommend it. I see they've added Cincinnati in October ............. Yeah, I'll probably go again. Here's an Amazon link for Trower. If your already familiar with him, you know what to do. If you're not, Try the Twofer reissue of "Twice removed from yesterday and Bridge of sighs".

The ride up and back was pretty uneventful. Which is always a good thing. Dr J has traded in his BMW K1200S for a big BMW K1200 LT Barcolounger. It's a sweet ride and he seems more comfortable on it than the sport version he was riding before. I don't mean physical comfort, though I'm sure it is. That K1200S he was riding before was gonna get him in trouble. Few guys our age really need 160 HP sport bikes. Not a knock, but as Clint Eastwood said - "A man's gotta know his limitations." I know I'd be better served with the touring version.

The Big Blue Plastic Kawasaki ran well, as usual. I'm gonna have to start working on reducing some of the Buzziness in it as it's getting a bit more noticeable in the handlebars. Other than that, it's bizness as usual. Oil, Gas, Air and Water. Check everything and go. I do love my Concours.

Yeah, That's YerUnk getting a flyer signed by THE MAN after the show. Got that little "FanBoy" grin going on and all.

Trower has always been a big favorite of mine and this was just the thing I needed to counter all the bad shit that's been going on as of late.

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