Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Site You Should Check Out ............

I've been asked to contribute to a new group Motorcycle site that's just getting off the ground. .

This is either quite an honor ......... Or they're really hurtin' for material. I'm hoping it's the former and sticking with that idea till proven otherwise. Go check it out in the next few weeks and tell me what you think.

Blog BS and Updates.....
I did finally add an Email link in the profile section here. So you really can share your thoughts on things if you're to chicken, or the sign in is too much of a pain to post a comment. I should post the email addy on the front page I suppose and I think I'm gonna get rid of the comment sign in and see what happens. If I get spammed, I'll just have to set it up again.

I haven't been doing anything much at all blogwise for several weeks now.
One reason is - My friggin' life is pretty boring and I can't imagine anyone being all that interested in the stupid shit I've been doing as of late. Secondly, I've been busy as hell with getting all the legal crap done for Ma's estate, getting her place in order, working, trying to keep up w/ things at my place ............ You get the picture.

Plus, I just haven't been in the mood to sit down here and type anything. I've been in a funk over all the bad things going on here and I do best when I'm in a good mood. Don't worry, I haven't been thinking of tossing myself off the Dam at the local reservoir, like some dumb bastard did last Saturday. Yeah, Darwin got his dumb ass. OK, I did give him a thumbs up for originality. But we docked him 5 points on style when he couldn't do it again.

Things have been weird here in Unkland the last few weeks. Oh well, it's all part of the plan. This shit'll settle down soon enough too.

Stole this from the site today and thought you might like it. I know I did.

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