Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Honda RC149 5 Cylinder 125cc .........

OK. This little gem was just one of the many technological marvels Mr. Honda's company came up with in the 1960's. This little bugger is sweet.

Check this shit out.

5 Cylinder inline 4 Stroke.


4 Valve per Cylinder.

Check out the Tach on this thing.

Think that little Bastard screams?
You'd be right. Check out the short video of this bike taking off HERE.
Click on the picture of the Tach when you get there. (Which I stole, thank you!) Very much worth the time.

Here's a neat page translated from the Honda website. On the RC149. The translation is a bit rough but great stuff. This little bastard only weighed 85Kg. That's 170Lbs. Using 1966 technology. Cool.

This little bike won 3 World Championships by the way. Yes, my main man Jim Redman was on at least 1 of them.

Here's some more cool Honda Video . Honda RC161 I believe.
I'd like you readers to help me out on this. It looks like a commercial. That Asshole Garrison Keilor is doing the narration on it. He does have a great voice for that stuff, but I can't stand his smarmy ass anymore.
Anyway, any of you know anything about this and is there any more footage out there like this?

I found it HERE Great site, with a shit load of cool old pictures, video and info for you Honda Guys.

I love this old stuff. Probably explains why I'm still married to my wife.

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