Monday, November 13, 2006

Bridges? Yes We Have More Bridges.....................

Or a Bridge on this post. I'm gonna limit this to one, as the internet connection continues to be flakey and the pics make uploading these a bit dicey at times.

Went out last week for a couple of hours and rode with friend, co-worker and ManCamper, Clint. Clint bought his first bike this year and is close to becoming one of the "Hopelessly Devoted" rider types. Mr. T, (Xray Guy Extraordinaire) and I have been working on him hard. His KungFu is strong and just needs some developement.

Anyhow, we went and hit a couple of local bridges on our bike ride, starting with the Shieldstown Bridge. Built only 11 years after the Civil War. Amazing -

Unfortunately, this bridge has been pretty neglected and has some serious Termite and or Carpenter Bee damage as is evident in this pic -

It amazes me how they built these things and the piers that they sit on, given what they had to work with back then. Incredable. This bridge could be kept intact with a minimal amount of work. Mostly treatment for insects. Unfortunately, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon and it'll be in the river some morning after a big storm. Shame really, but there's only so much $$$ to go around in this world and that's the way it is.

331 feet. Yep, a big long tunnel.


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