Sunday, June 03, 2007

Be Careful What You Say ....................
The 2 boneheads I work with, who are in the shooting post below this one, went to the big gun show Saturday. Look what they brought home for me -

Yep. Another Mosin-Nagant Rifle! An M-44 Carbine.

I've been saying how I wanted one to go along with the M91/30 ..... So they bought one for me. And now I have a nice 1946 M-44 to add to the collection.
Life is good. $100 well spent. Thank goodness for all the extra days I've been working. Still have to pay for it, but I'll get him squared up this week. (That was for you, Young'un!).
Shoulda' had 'em buy some more ammo too. I can see that at the rate I'm shooting it, the rounds I have won't last long.

My Father in Law and I went to the range this morning and fired off 100 rounds or so between the 2 Russian Rifles.
It shoots pretty well.

Here's a 100 yard target from the new M-44 rifle. Granted, it ain't gonna win any competitions, but it's better than last week. So things are looking up already. At least I got all but 1 in the black. I need to figure out consistency in everything. But practice is a whole lot of fun. If Guitar practice had been this fun I'd be kickin' Jimi Hendrix's ass by now.


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