Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm Going to Alabama on Vacation.........
Via Montana.
Yeah Montana. So There. Yes, always pay attention to the signs when you travel.

I've got 3 weeks vacation time lined up and have decided to head West. Before going South.
I originally thought about a trip to the Washington, DC area to see the sights there but never got a call back from the old Army Buddy who lives in MD. As it turns out, I DID receive a call back from the Old Army Buddy in Montana. So there you go.

See how easy that was?

I've got 3 weeks scheduled off from both jobs and I hope to take TheBigBluePlasticKawasaki on a long leg stretcher. Or Butt Buster. Depending on how you look at it.

My main riding buddy, Mr. T, the Xray Wizard, is taking his Significant Other East for a short break during the same time period and we hope to hook up at
Barber Motorsports Museum in Alabama and ride home together.

The odds of that working out are ........ Oh, roughly 3:1, but that's the plan for now and we'll stick with that till it falls apart. I only give it 3:1 odds because He's going to the East Coast and I'm heading 2000 miles in the opposite direction.
And we're gonna meet in Birmingham, Alabama on a specific day, 2 -1/2 weeks later. Sounds good, but we'll see how it goes.

I hope it goes ok, as The Barber Museum was the only place we had on our "Gotta Go To" list this year. Would kinda suck if we only have one place on our list and don't even get that right. So I'm gonna do my part to make it happen.

I've got the bike prepped pretty well. Got a new Corbin seat the other day for it and that's gonna help. The old stock seat was wore down bad. The Corbin is hard as a rock but it gives you some movement. So, while it's not the best thing, it's a hell of a lot better than what I had.

I've been gathering shit together for several weeks now and have a huge pile already. I'll have to go thru, prune and toss a bunch till I get the packing list right.

I should make a damn list and commit it to paper. I go thru this every time and say the same thing. Does that surprise anybody?

I always end up leaving some little bullshit at home and buying it on the road. Eh. Could be worse. At least I'm out there on the road.

What I do need to do is get in RIDING SHAPE.

Most folks don't realise what I mean when I say "Riding Shape". There's a huge difference between riding your bike to work everyday and doing 500 or 600 mile days routinely for 3 weeks straight.

It's been about 2 months since I had a 300 mile day. Yeah, I ride almost everyday and have put 10,000+ miles on this year, but it's just not the same as riding long distances everyday. So I'm gonna by hitting it hard for the next few weeks and working myself into shape.

Yeah, what a bitch, eh? I gotta ride a lot to get in shape for a friggin vacation. Ha!Ain't it good to be living in the USA?

I do expect to be going through Utah, so I'm studying everything I need to know.


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