Monday, October 15, 2007

My House is Getting Smaller.....
As my wife continues to fill it with dogs.

I came home from work late Saturday night and found this big ass, red Doberman taking up space -

Long story as to how he came to be here, but both the wife and youngest son, appropriately nicknamed, Dogboy, had already decided that this mutt was gonna be a part of the household.

He's HUGE. Pete the Gay Boxer Dog on the left there weighs in at around 75 lbs. This Doberman just dwarfs him. The poor thing is skinny as a rail and you can tell he's not been eating to well as of late. G-d knows how big he'll be once he gets his feed back on.

Do I sound like I've already accepted this as inevitable? That'd be correct. It was a done deal between the 2 of them and that's the way it was gonna be. Being that I like dogs ......... Oh hell, why fight it.

He doesn't appear to be very old. He's very trainable and EXTREMELY well mannered and calm. Just wants to sit with/near you and hang out. Friendly as hell. He looks about half retarded, as somebody did a terrible job on his ears and his tail is way to long for a Dobe. But between him and Pete the Gay Boxer, I don't have to worry about home security and the wife being alone while I'm at work till late at night.

This is gonna be Dogboys buddy. So all of you can join with me in hoping that the kid gets a good job and finds a place to live where he can take that big bastard with him.


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