Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi Honey, I'm Home!!!!!
Well, I'm back from the Wild Wild West Trip of '07.

Devils Tower is awesome in the morning. A great way to start a day. See the Moon in there?

Approximately 6000 miles in 19 days. 6 of which were non riding days. Mileage got screwed up when I erased the trip odometer in Kansas and lost around 700 miles. Oops.

Weather sucked for the most part. Cold, rain, wind gusts of 60+ mph and snow.

Great trip anyway.

Random thoughts -
*Nebraska is to damn long. It should have been 2 states. When riding West to East, you feel like you're never gonna get out of it. Even when you're averaging 85-90 mph. If it were 2 states, you'd at least feel like you were accomplishing something while driving 500+ miles.

*Indiana needs a couple of mountains. It'd be nice to look out the window and see a few of these.
Yep. That'd be nice. That was taken from the motel in Utah.

*If I had a shitload of money, I'd go to Idaho and buy old cars and sell them back East.

*You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Hippie in Idaho.

*One of every 4 TV stations in Utah is produced by the Mormons.

*People drive better out West and are way more considerate to motorcycles.

That's enough random thoughts for the time being. Things went pretty well overall. Had a few weird electrical quirks on the bike, but they fixed themselves. Except for the clock. It crapped out some where in Kansas and never did get it to work consistently.

Maybe when your hit 4 time zones in a week that's what happens. Freaks the friggin' clock out.

Saw way more snow than a guy should when riding a motorcycle.

The riding and roads are incredible. This is somewhere on the Chief Joesph Highway in Wyoming.

Ok. More later.
I gotta go play
with the Baby's Mom.

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