Friday, September 14, 2007

No, I Didn't Run Away and Join the Circus.....
Just and extraordinary amount of things going on.

The wife has decided I should take her riding more often......

Got some new tools and had to try them out .....

And I've been working a bunch of extra days in the ER as of late. It hasn't been easy either. Some of those Old Broads are tuff...

Seriously, It's been busy here. I'm about 9 days out from taking off for the big, "Ernest Goes to Montana" vacation and I've been scratching to get things done.
I screwed up on my last Valve Adjustment on the
BigBluePlasticKawasaki and had things seriously SNAFU'ed. Those of you who have read this crap for any length of time know that I'm more than capable of turning an easy job into a disaster. I've never tried to portray myself as a mechanic and this job had worse than my usual results. It sounded like a coffee can full of marbles in the top end when running.

I found a young guy to come over to the "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker" this evening and give me a course on how to properly adjust the valves. Oh My. It was worse than I thought. But now tha
t I've actually been shown how to do it the right way, I'm good to go in the future. He even had the good graces not to laugh when he was showing me how screwed up I was. Nice kid.

Neat thing about this guy is he was willing to come over and spend a couple of hours helping a total stranger out and he didn't want a dime for it. He just likes to help out Bikers and stoopid ass guys like me. I had to force him to take the wad of bills I had for him. You really do "Meet the nicest on a Honda". Except he rides a Ninja 600.

Nice kid anyway and he impressed the hell out of me.
The bike sounds as sweet as it ever has . It started raining before I got it all back together so road test will have to wait till tomorrow.

So I really have been doing productive things. It's not like I've been sitting around smoking rope with some big titted hippy chicks or anything.....


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