Friday, November 30, 2007

I Call Bullshit .....
On 9/11 Truthers.

Richard Miniter has a very good article at Pajamas Media -
Tinfoil Nation: Why 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Linger. Simple basic info and a good read. Take a few and check it out.

He references a recent New York Post article titled - 'BLAME U.S. FOR 9/11' IDIOTS IN MAJORITY on poll results regarding conspiracies.

Reading the comment section of the Miniter article is what got me re-ignited on 9/11 Truthers.


It didn't take long after 9/11 for people to start questioning the official version of events. That's ok. Our security agencies, intelligence agencies, law enforcement and just about everyone connected with this event were, for a host of reasons, left looking bad. Whether this shits been fixed yet is another story entirely. But I doubt it.

All of them were made to look bad by a small group of dedicated terrorists who -
1) Put together a well thought out plan.
2) Maintained very good operational security.
3) Took advantage of our good nature, naivety and culture of openness.
4) And exploited the holes in our defenses.

What I refuse to believe is this -
George Bush, The Government, The CIA, etc.
1) Knew about it and allowed it to happen.
2) Made it happen. As in - "9/11 was an Inside Job".

Sorry. I call Bullshit.
Can't buy either one of those Bullshit scenarios.

Nobody will ever convince me that This President or Any President would idly stand by and allow 3,000 American Citizens to be killed for "Oil", or any of the other reasons I've heard postulated. I call Bullshit on that.

And you certainly can't convince me that -
1) The "Most inept President We've Ever Had" could come up with this idea and could actually make it happen.
2) GWB was able to mastermind and secretly place enough explosive charges to bring down two huge skyscrapers without anyone noticing.
(Three, if you count WTC #7)
3) Send a cruise missle into the Pentagon.
4) Send remotely guided airplanes into the WTC.
5) Was somehow able to hide and kill all the people on the airliners that WEREN'T used in the attacks.
(If it were indeed remote drones or cruise missiles)
6) Figure out how to keep the THOUSANDS of people necessary for such a plot to be successful from talking. Secrets don't last in Washington DC. Little secrets don't. Something this big and NO ONE INVOLVED HAS SAID A FRIGGIN' WORD IN 6 YEARS?
7) Thinks nothing of killing 3,000 innocents - but allow the makers of "Loose Change" to go about making money from their movie without having "An Accident" yet?

I call Bullshit on the whole Truther Movement.


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