Friday, November 02, 2007

It's a Zombie Friday......
No, not the Zombies I've written about before Here Here Or Here Here
And Here

The real, Flesh Eating Ghoul type from "Night of the Living Dead" type movies. You know, Horror Flick Zombies.

No. Not this -

But This -

Now, I know you're asking yourself "What the hell is this asshole talking about?"
This is a PSA for ya. In case you missed it. The President was talking about Zombies today, I got it for ya here -

Yep, even the White House is concerned. You should be too.
Here's another little PSA for ya. Learn from it. -

Don't forget a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide-

Don't ask.

Of course we have a copy.

See, everyone is getting all worried about "Global Warming" and if "Bush let 9-11 Happen" and Bullshit like that.

Statistically, Zombies are a WaaaaaaaaaaY bigger threat. It's gonna happen People!

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