Thursday, November 29, 2007

WTF is This Shit ????
From the Daily Mail -
"118 arrested and 1,300 guns seized in massive firearms raid"
Sounds pretty impressive, eh?

"Nearly 120 people were arrested and 1,300 guns and imitation firearms seized in a major police crackdown, it was announced today.

Raids in hotspots which account for more than half of Britain's gun crime - Manchester, London, Liverpool and Birmingham - involved more than 1,000 officers yesterday."

"The operation seized 10 handguns and £5,900 in cash.

Officers also confiscated six imitation handguns, 1,290 other realistic imitation firearms, three CS gas canisters, a stun gun and four air weapons." (emphasis mine)

WHOA! Hold it right there!! The Headline clearly said "1300 Guns". But, but, but, Doing the math here......................

6 imitation handguns + 1290 other realistic imitation firearms + 4 air guns..... That equals, um, something like -

4 Fucking BB Guns and a shitload of TOYS.

THat's a "Massive Firearms Raid"?
- 4 fucking BB guns?

The way the article is written, it may be that they actually did get 10 handguns. But it's kinda hard to tell if that's not the 6 fake and the 4 BB guns, that they're talking about.
Who the hell knows. Nothing to brag about either way.

And it took 1000 Cops for that shit? How friggin' lame is that shit? 250 cops per BB gun. That's pretty pathetic.

The headline should have read something like this - "Cops steal Christmas Toys from 1300 Children in Early Morning Raid!"

That's some seriously lame shit. I can't imagine what the headlines would be like if they raided my ............. Never mind.

Granted, this crap took place in Briton, but you can be damn sure that there are a lot of MoFo's in this country who would love to give the authorities the go ahead on raids like this here.

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