Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crazy Weather Here Today .....

Things are pretty weird here today. Thankfully not as weird as in Oklahoma or Indonesia yesterday. Just weird by local standards.

It's been quite warm, raining and blowing off and on all day. Just a little while ago we had a squall blow through with hail. Most of it was pretty small, but an occasional chunk as big around as a 25 cent piece would hit the house with a resounding crash. The wind was blowing like crazy making me warily eye the trees behind the house. And all the while the Sun was shining!

Very strange indeed. I went out into the garage to check it out and across the road there was a beautiful twin rainbow. Yeah, not one but two rainbows. By the time I got the camera and got back out, most it was gone. Bummer.

Here's what I did get -

You can just see the faint outline of the second one to the right of the mailbox. Too bad I had to put fresh batteries in the camera and miss the good picture. Oh well.

Very unstable weather out there. The lights flickered a few times and quite frankly, I'm surprised that we have power now.

The local power company has had a crew out cleaning up the trees along the lines in the area for about 3-4 months. Looks like that's paying off for me.

The good news is that I have backup if things go down. I have a generator and 2 small space heaters, propane heater and lantern. Oil lamps, candles and a small propane cookstove.

Fuel for the generator would only last 3-5 days, maybe longer given the moderate temperatures right now, but not much longer.

Considering there are folks in Kentucky that still don't have power since the storm in January........ Well, I'm better off than most.

I've been thinking a lot lately, along with doing quite a bit, as far as preparedness goes over the last few months. We always have been semi-prepared, just because we live out in the sticks and the power used to go off if a dog pissed on a powerpole or the wind gusted more than 10-15 mph. It's come in handy more than once.

Being prepared for unforeseen occurrences just makes good sense.

It makes even more sense on days like this.

With the way the Economy is going, having a bit pit aside makes sense too.

I'll be posting more on this subject as time goes by, but I'd urge you all to start getting a stash together. It will be a much better investment of your money than buying stocks or bonds. My investments have taken it in the ass & Food prices continue to to go up. I know that I can and will eat that food anyway so that's better than money in the bank.

The wind continues to blow like hell out there and the lights continue to flicker. I'm gonna go get the lantern and have it ready.


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