Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"We Are All Socialists Now" .......
That's the cover story on the current issue of Newsweek.

But I'd have to disagree and add the qualifier - "Because you Fuckers won't stop."

Because I'm a fair minded guy, I include most Republicans in the, "Fuckers" group.

Here's the cover art -

Hot Damn, Skippy! Now that's, "Change we can believe in."

Brought to my attention via, Mike Vanderboegh at - Sipsey Street Irregulars

He further directs to another of my favorites - Western Rifle Shooters Association, where .... Oh Hell. Just start reading and following the links provided.

If you have any appreciation for your 2nd Amendment, you should be reading these 2 guys and, as I mentioned the other day, David Codrea at, The War on Guns. Start reading Codreas' syndicated Gun Rights Examiner column, too.

Daily reading of these folks will make you smarter, brighter and the life of the party.

As I've said in the past, there is a Un-civil War in the making here. That asshole, John Edwards was correct with his
bullshit, "Two Americas", campaign slogan. He just didn't have the 2 parts figured out correctly. It's not, as Edwards said, about economics and the haves and have nots.

It's about choosing between Freedom and Serfdom. I'm afraid that we will be forced to choose if things continue as they are going.
And yes, I wish to hell that the Socialists and Leftists would just leave us the hell alone, too.

Ain't gonna happen though.

Here's a picture I swiped from Vanderboegh that sums it up well for me -


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